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Safety measures

Safety Requirements | EIC2022

While the safety regulations in Italy do not require the use of FFP2 masks in most situation, in order to ensure as much as possible the safety of the ZNKR Delegation and of all participants, the following operating procedures will be enforced during the seminar and the competition:

FFP2 masks will be worn at all times by participants (athletes, official, referees), except while competing; please make sure to bring an adequate number of masks.

The ZNKR will take every meal at a distance from the other participants, when possible in a separate room; please refrain from approaching them during meals, as they will not be wearing masks.

Participants are asked to maintain strict physical distance from ZNKR teachers at all times.

Hand sanitizer products and disinfectants will be available throughout the Sports Hall, at the hotel and at the Sayonara Party location; please make sure to follow the correct hands hygiene procedures.

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