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frequently asked questions

Here you will find some questions and answers about the European Iaido Championships.
This section is constantly updated, we will insert all the questions we receive.
If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Seminar and Competition

Is it possible to carry and use a shinken?

Due to legal restrictions SHINKEN, live blade swords, SHOULD NOT BE USED in the Championships, or public places or brought in and out at the airports or other points of entry.

These restrictions also apply to the seminar.

I will not take part in the competition; how do I register for the seminar?

Due to the high number of delegations attending the seminar preceding the Championships we have reached the maximum capacity for the facility.

We apologise but we will not be able to accept any further applications for the seminar.


I am not in my Nation's team; how do I register for the grading examination?

Gradings at EIC are under EKF jurisdiction. To register, please contact your National Federation and ask to be registered for the iaido exam on the EKF website.

For any questions related to EKF gradings please contact EKF General Secretary, Mrs Kathryn Cassidy (secretary@ekf-eu.com)


Is there any bus service from Bologna to Modena

From and to airport there is a bus service called Aerbus (it is a private service NOT organized by us) which can be booked online here https://www.aerbus.it/en/

There are also other bus services and train.

Please ask us if you need more information.

Is there any shuttle from hotels to Sports hall?

A shuttle bus service will be available from all the hotels to the “Palapanini” in the morning, and from “Palapanini” to the hotels at the end of each day of competition only for those who will book through our booking service.

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